Are Changes Necessary in Your Food Service Business

As Food Service Professionals, many of us reach a point where changes may be necessary in our professional or personal lives. We have all heard the adages— If you want to grow, you have to make changes. You need to alter the way you do things. You have to reorganize. You can’t continue doing the same old thing if you want different results. The list goes on . . .

Are Changes Necessary

Our New Website

Today I am pleased to announce that we are changing our web site. So when you click on our existing site or perform a search for David Earl, you will be linked to a new web site called “Ask the Restaurant Coach”. I decided to make this change while I was taking a podcasting class from Cliff Ravenscraft called the “Podcasting A-Z Online Training Course“. I was challenged to provide all of the reasons why I wanted to podcast. One of the things that came out of discovering the “why” was that I should have a website domain of my podcast. Though this was highly recommended to me, I still wasn’t convinced I needed to do so. As the course went on, I found out that I could hire someone to produce jingles for my podcast. So I hired a production company to produce my introduction, and the first thing the company brought up was changing the domain that I presently use. [Continue reading]

Introducing Linda Wines

Linda my wife, will be joining me on my website to discuss wines in her own segment called Linda Wines. Linda Wines will be about choosing Great Wines at a Great Price with a Great Profit for a Mom & Pop restaurant. Right now we are working out the details so you as an operator can be educated about wine. You will learn about the labels, back ground, and price points of wines.


Wine Research

When Linda worked with me at two of my restaurants, she researched wines all the time. I loved what she did. When she found a great wine with a great price at a great profit, it meant two things. First, we were able to turn over our wines quickly; and second it helped raise our check average. Being able to turn over your inventory quickly will increase your cash flow. We all know that when you hold onto inventory it costs you money. Our check average went from $9-$10 to $18-$20 for lunch and $17-$18 to $26-$30 dollars for dinner. [Continue reading]

Running a Food Service Business


When running a food service business in today's economy, You have to think of your Purveyor as your partner. You need to trust that they have your back when things don't go your way. You should also remember, however, that they are trying to make a … [Continue reading]

What Is The Purpose Of A Food Service Leader?

The Food Service Leader’s Purpose

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Starting Your Food Service Business

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What Is Your Food Service Leader Style?

Personality inventory

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Service Through Food Ministries

Almost 5 Years March of 2014 will be my 5th year of our food ministries program at First United Methodist Church in Clermont, Florida. Running a ministry verses an operation is totally different. But rewarding as it is, it compares to a food … [Continue reading]

Welcome to My Food Services Blog

Most restaurants fail within the first 3 years. Based on information from the National Restaurant Association more than 7 out of 10 eating and drinking establishments are single-unit operations and 93% of eating and drinking businesses have fewer … [Continue reading]